Social Toolkit

The choice to get a COVID-19 vaccine is something to celebrate. Use this social toolkit to encourage others in your social circles to #GetVaccinated, too. We’ve provided best practices and ideas for sharing your #GetVaccinated story on social media, as well as template posts and graphics you can use.

Best Practices 

  • Use our campaign hashtag #GetVaccinated to keep conversation consistent and searchable on social.  
  • Feel free to tag @ahcancal and other partner organizations as you see fit. 
  • Actively respond to tweets/comments to encourage others to #GetVaccinated. 


  • Share a picture of yourself getting vaccinated.
  • Tell a personal story – why are you getting the vaccine? 
  • Share positive stories – is your facility allowing more activities for residents as more people receive the vaccine?

Template Posts 

  • Not sure about getting the COVID-19 vaccine? I got my questions answered here: #GetVaccinated
  • I chose to #GetVaccinated to protect the people around me – family, friends, seniors, and coworkers.
  • After listening to health experts, I decided to #GetVaccinated. See what trusted medical professionals have to say:
  • I’m proud to have made the choice to listen to medical experts and #GetVaccinated.
  • Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is easy! Once you decide to #GetVaccinated, use to find where you can schedule an appointment.
  • I got the booster shot to help protect myself and those around me, including my long term care residents. #GetVaccinated
  • Do you need the COVID-19 booster shot? Read this guide by AHCA/NCAL: #GetVaccinated


To use these graphics, right click and select “Save Image As” then upload them with your social posts.