Se administraron millones de dosis de las vacunas contra la COVID-19 (y el proceso continúa) en residencias de ancianos, comunidades de vida asistida y otros centros de vida para personas mayores de todo el país. Si usted es uno de los héroes que trabaja en centros de cuidados a largo plazo y se remanga para participar de la campaña #GetVaccinated y vacunarse, ¡comparta su historia y una selfi!

As a minority, I know I am setting a great example for the Black community.

— Sophia, Registered Nurse

I got the first shot. And so, this is just one more step closer to being able to see by family and not getting them sick.

— Dana, Licensed Practical Nurse

I wanted to get it because I want people to be reunited, I want people to hug again…

— Jacob, Personal Care Assistant

For me, I’ve had COVID. I don’t want anybody to have to experience what I did, so if I can be a protection for them, then that is what I want to do.

— Maggie, Dietician

Anything we can do to help keep from spreading. Because of the losses we saw, we want to definitely do our part.

— Elizabeth, Registered Nurse

I wanted to be part of the solution to help end the pandemic. I want to protect our residents and our health care workers, the older population, and the most vulnerable.

— Emaury, Activity Director

I got the vaccination because I’m a grandmother and I want to be around for my family. I’m also around my mom a lot (who is also a nurse) and we both knew it was just the right thing to do. I had hesitations about it initially, but I just got smart and didn’t think twice about it.

— Sonya, Certified Nursing Assistant

I’ll admit I was scared at first to get the vaccine, however after hearing from others – especially our leadership team – it changed my mind. I have no regrets getting the vaccine, and if I had to do it all over again, I’d do it!

— Norine, Assistant Director of Dietary

I am blessed and grateful to be here, to get my second dose.

— Angela, Receptionist

I had hesitations, but our leadership came and held a town hall meeting in our building to address our questions. They answered all of mine! They also all made a point to get the vaccination before us, so we were able to talk to them, see if they had any side effects before our shots. After hearing what they had to say, and seeing all of them get the vaccine too, I knew it was the right thing to do.

— Linda, Administrative Assistant

As a protection to our residents, so we are not spreading it to them. I think it is very important that we are protected for them.

— Savannah, Dietician

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